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Candy Lebby
by Candy Lebby on July 30, 2018

Since the arrival of new and creative technology, the construction industry has never been the same. The sector is dynamic, constantly changing and doing its best to keep up with the digital revolution. The future looks bright, promising and open to the changes evolving the landscape day by day.

There are numerous options for businesses to manage their projects differently- more efficiently-thanks to state of the art software, made with innovative solutions in mind.

Construction management software is available for people to use throughout the entire building project process, making finances something you don’t want to scream about.

Whilst it's important to have the management software in place for better project execution, it’s also really helpful if you can have an accurate vision of the design of your structure. 

That's where BIM comes in.

BIM, efficiency, construction technology [Photo Credit: Drone Pixel]

"This technology has already had a profound effect on most industries"

BIM is remarkable as it allows you to create and view a prototype of your building in a virtual environment before you head anywhere near a construction site. This technology has already had a profound effect on most industries and will cause major digital disruption in the construction industry. 

The word ‘disruption’ makes this sound like BIM has come along and made the seas turbulent and perhaps this is true- but not in the way you might think! All this means is the industry can be transformed with this technology, and we should embrace it! 

"The brilliance of BIM has really caught on in many countries" 

At the moment BIM is mostly used by large contractors, on huge building projects, which makes sense. It’s easy to see why businesses would use a BIM approach on large projects since the more straightforward, perhaps, residential projects wouldn't need such advanced, complex technology.

For example, one of the biggest construction projects in Europe, Crossrail uses BIM and is due to be completed in December of this year.

BIM, efficiency, construction technology [Photo Credit: Allies and Morrison]

BIM takes some time to learn and that means investing more time- you might not have- to learning and getting to grips with it. 

"It is the most information-rich approach we have in construction"

If you thought the integration of BIM on the Crossrail project was something, then you may be surprised to learn that BIM is currently used on most government-funded projects. It is used on many heritage building projects in the UK for example, Purcell which has 15 studios and uses BIM extensively. 

The brilliance of BIM has really caught on in many countries and industries and we are now at a point where some governments have started mandating BIM for construction projects in their respective countries. 

So we know a few of the projects BIM has and is being used on, but what's the future looking like?

BIM, efficiency, construction technology [Photo Credit: Stannah Lifts]

Well, we can see exciting potential for the development and use of BIM in many countries worldwide. It is the most information-rich approach we have in construction and has brilliant promise for the future, so we can only imagine the future of construction if this was implemented more widely. 

"The industry can be transformed with this technology"

The overall impact of BIM on any construction projects is immensely positive. From architect to building site project manager, BIM is a tool for people at all stages of construction development, and that is something that sells itself. 

We think the way BIM is being used and its growing popularity is very exciting and foresee a bright future for the construction industry as a whole with this tool as part of its arsenal. 

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Candy Lebby

Candy Lebby

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