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Bobtrade's Festive Favourites: Giant gingerbread houses

Alice-India Garwood
by Alice-India Garwood on December 22, 2018

Gingerbread houses conjure up images of childhood, magic, fairy tales and Christmas! All over the world, whatever the culture or religion, everyone knows the gingerbread house. With that in mind, we have collected some of the big and beautiful gingerbread houses that caterers and engineers have been designing and putting together to celebrate the winter season.

Once upon a time in…

The USA.

Everything is bigger in Texas, even their gingerbread houses!

At the Westin Downtown Austin hotel’s restaurant, the Stella San Jac, they’ve put a lot of work in to recreating this fairy tale favourite!

This life-size gingerbread house is the brainchild of the hotel’s general manager and restaurant manager Martin Wilda.

Gingerbread, Bobtrade, Construction, Creativity, Materials, Supplies, Efficiency, Project[Photo Credit: Paper City]

The entire thing was baked in-house and assembled by the hotel’s engineering team. It took around 7 people to complete the whole project and it looks delicious!

"Westin Downtown Austin hotel's life-size gingerbread house was baked in house and took 7 people to cook and assemble."

From the southern states to the East Coast.

Vermont Woodstock Inn and Resort took on the challenge of a giant gingerbread house.

This project was 7ft tall and 9ft long and involved 180lbs of flour and 150lbs of confectioners sugar. That’s a whole load of pudding!

Hotel manager Lerome Campbell planned the project to invoke the magic of Christmas for the resort’s winter guests.

Gingerbread, Bobtrade, Construction, Creativity, Materials, Supplies, Efficiency, Project[Photo Credit: WPTZ]

The whole thing is mostly edible, though it did require a wooden frame to hold the weight of the 350 gingerbread shingles and 700 home cooked bricks!

Now, let’s move from the East Coast to South Asia.


Made with a wooden frame and a whole load of gingerbread, Executive Patry Chef of the Shangri La hotel in Thailand has constructed this incredible giant gingerbread house!

It took 50 hours over 4 days and 30 colleagues to complete this magical creation!

Gingerbread, Bobtrade, Construction, Creativity, Materials, Supplies, Efficiency, Project

[Photo Credit: Destination Thailand News]

Much like our pals in the US, the weight of the gingerbread required a wooden frame to carry the weight of this beautiful life size cake.

In total the structure weighs 800kg.

"In total, the hotel Shangri La's gingerbread house weighs 800kg."

This incredibly heavy gingerbread house is made up of 600kg of butter, brown sugar, flour, baking powder, icing sugar and spices.

Not only this but 962 egg yolks and 90 litres of egg whites, lemon juice and molasses.


Now we’re not suggesting that your next winter construction project be made of gingerbread but… if you do get inspired, don’t forget to send us some!

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Alice-India Garwood

Alice-India Garwood

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