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Changing Skylines: Bank of Africa Tower

Alice-India Garwood
by Alice-India Garwood on November 8, 2018

The Bank of Africa tower, aka BMCE Tower, or the O Tower, is a new skyscraper in Morocco’s capital. It will be the country’s tallest. The Rabat skyline is an icon of Morocco, but what does this addition mean for the infrastructure and economy of the country?

"The Bank of Africa tower will be the country’s tallest skyscraper."

The Bank of Africa Tower is being built by a Belgian construction firm BESIX Group. This is the same group involved in the construction of the Burj Khalifa, so who better to undertake Morocco’s now tallest skyscraper? The project is expected to cost the country around 4 billion Moroccan dirham, or, $400 million. It’s a massive undertaking.

"The skyscraper is going to stand at 250 meters and 55 floors tall"

Bank of Africa, Construction, Bobtrade, Building, Innovation[Photo Credit: International Traveler]

Other groups involved in the construction of this glorious skyscraper include China Railway Construction Engineering Group and Six Construct and Travaux Genereaux de Construction de Casablanca.

The tower is going to stand at 250 meters and 55 floors tall and will be multi purpose.

Now under construction, the Bank of Africa Tower will house a luxury hotel, office space and apartments. Not mention what all super tall towers need - a beautiful viewing terrace to take in the stunning Rabat views.

"The Bank of Africa Tower will house a luxury hotel, office space and apartments."

It will sit at the center of an already under construction development in Bouregreg Valley. Its all part of a nationwide modernisation program known as ‘Rabat, City of Light, Moroccan Capital of Culture’. The development also includes a new art gallery and theater space.

Bank of Africa, Construction, Bobtrade, Building, Innovation[Photo Credit: CNN]

The tower will officially be named after King Mohammed who attended the unveiling of the project at a ceremony earlier this year.

Another brilliant feature of this skyscraper is rated Gold under the LEED energy rating system. Fantastic news as the world and indeed, the construction industry, works harder every day to find sustainable and energy efficient methods to develop our towns and cities.

"This skyscraper is rated Gold under the LEED energy rating system"

Proposed in 2014 and with construction starting this year, the project is expected to reach completion in May of 2022.

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Alice-India Garwood

Alice-India Garwood

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