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London's Changing Skyline: The Tulip

Alice-India Garwood
by Alice-India Garwood on November 24, 2018

London is in a constant state of flux. It’s this fearless change that makes London one of the greatest cities in the world. From the Shard to the Walkie Talkie, London’s skyline is home to some incredibly creative skyscrapers. This latest proposal is no different.

Say hello to the Tulip!

From the designers of London’s famous Gherkin comes the Tulip tower. This futuristic looking potential landmark is the talk of the town.

"The futuristic looking Tulip is the talk of the town!"

Tulip, Construction, London, Future, Innovation, Creativity, Cultural[Photo Credit: Wikipedia]

Standing at 1000ft tall the tower is fitted with interior slides and exterior glass pods for members of the public to ride. The Tulip won’t be offices or for residential use, but will stand as a tourist attraction.

"At just 3ft short of the Shard, the Tulip will be a tourist attraction."

That’s right! This latest proposal for the London skyline exists as a way of showing off our amazing city at a height just 3ft short of the famous Shard.

One exciting detail to this proposal is that designers Foster + Partners want to offer 20,000 state school children free visits each year so that they can enjoy the view and engage with London’s past, present and future.

Tulip, Construction, London, Future, Innovation, Creativity, Cultural[Photo Credit: The Spaces]

Now, the design.

As the name suggests, the Tulip consists of a tall, slim tower with an elegant oval at its top. Foster + Partners hope the tower will compliment its neighbour, the Gherkin.

"Up to 20,000 state school children a year will enjoy free visits to the Tulip Tower."

What is the aim of this magnificent tourist attraction? It is hoped it will act as a cultural and social landmark.

If plans for the Tulip are agreed then construction will begin in 2020 with completion being estimated for the year 2025.

Tulip, Construction, London, Future, Innovation, Creativity, Cultural[Photo Credit: New London Development]

The tulip is just one of tens of proposals for London over the next decade. Other landmarks on their way to this fair city include the Google Landscraper new HQ in Kings Cross. The new headquarters for global giant Google will incude a beautiful biophilic roof garden as well as gym and other awesome additions come to be expected of Google. Not only this but the iconic Battersea Power Station site is being transformed into a residential haven.

As London and the rest of the UK continues to transform we look forward to keeping you up to date.

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Alice-India Garwood

Alice-India Garwood

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