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Modular Homes: An Environmentally-Friendly Option For Many

Candy Lebby
by Candy Lebby on May 16, 2018

 Building houses just got a lot easier. How is it easier? Modular homes. Seen as a potential solution to the housing crisis, these structures are popping up everywhere in the country and it’s not hard to see why. They’ve taken the construction industry by storm and are popular with many builders and construction site owners.

"The way these houses are put together means that 90% of the builders' work is already done and it's simply a case of just fitting pieces together"

So how are modular houses made? And what benefits do they offer the construction industry and even the environment as a whole?

Well firstly, they are built off-site generally in an indoor factory-like setting. This is different of course to the more traditional way of building homes, where there is a large construction site, in an outdoor environment. Built in sections which are transported to the assembly site, it is then up to the builders to put together the different pieces and install them into the foundations.

Modular Homes Offsite Construction [Photo Credit: TilleysModular]

People may think that modular homes all look the same but that’s just not true! Different companies offer their own styles which vary in style, design, and size. There really isn't a one size fits all with this creative invention! This style of house can also be easily customised which is great for any creative building project ideas that may arise. Some have said that because these homes are so cheap to build they must be poorly made, and while some might be, many aren’t. 

"Modular homes leave a much smaller carbon footprint" 

A lot of times these homes are made from the same materials as traditional constructions and in some cases even have a higher standard of craftsmanship.

Another wonderful thing about this kind of home is that it’s considered an example of a green building thanks to its high value of sustainability. Modular homes leave a much smaller carbon footprint when compared with traditional houses, and a smaller footprint means an earth that smiles from the inside out!

Modular Homes Offsite Construction [Photo Credit: BoneStructure]

But being green isn't the only amazing benefit this kind of house has to offer. There are other undeniable advantages to modular houses which make them not only innovative inventions but efficient ones too.

"They are much faster to build than traditional houses" 

They are brilliant choices for many construction companies because they are much faster to build than traditional houses which saves precious time for everyone involved. Also because they aren't built on outdoor construction sites there are no significant delays because of bad weather. If it's snowing or raining on a construction site the work can’t be done efficiently.

As mentioned above, modular homes leave a smaller carbon footprint, but that's not the only way they care for the environment.

This type of house often uses passive features such as good ventilation, house orientation, and insulation amongst other things. The structure and design makes it easier to add environmentally friendly features, such as solar power and greywater systems.

Construction, modular homes, creativity [Photo Credit: Inhabitat]

Apart from the benefits to the environment, and time and money saved, modular houses also benefit the builders who put them up! The way these houses are put together means that 90% of the builders' work is already done and it's simply a case of just fitting pieces together. So instead of spending weeks and weeks on a project, they can work solidly on a modular house for a much shorter period of time. 

"They are brilliant choices for many construction companies"

Then it’s a case of getting paid and moving on to the next exciting project! Easy-peasy

We love talking about creativity in the construction industry, 

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Candy Lebby

Candy Lebby

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