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Smart Construction Materials: Consuming Co2

Alice-India Garwood
by Alice-India Garwood on April 3, 2019

We’ve come along by leaps and bounds as an industry when it comes to reducing Co2. Whether that is to reduce the amount of Co2 created in the process of construction or implementing materials which work to reduce the Co2 in polluted areas. From smog eating buildings to bioacting concrete, whats next for Co2 consuming construction?

A recent study has revealed the possibility of further developments in the crucial area of Co2 reducing - consuming in fact! - construction.

Led by Dr Phil Renforth of the Research Centre for Carbon Solutions at Heriot-Wat University, has worked hard on investigating whether the construction industry and the materials we use don’t always have to be emitting Co2. The materials we use regularly, like concrete, could actually be consuming Co2.

Bobtrade, Sustainable, Construction, Materials, Building, Supplies, Alternatives[Photo Credit: Moore Concrete]

This is not a new concept. Previously we have written about smog eating buildings which utilise plants and amazing science to reduce the Co2 which surrounds the buildings. Not only this, but we have come incredible green alternatives out there that you can build with both on and under development in other areas.

"The concept of Co2 consuming buildings is not new! We have seen early applications in smog eating buildings across the world."

It was announced March 28th that the study, funded by the Greenhouse Gas Removal Programme, has highlighted that the future production of these materials may in fact not only reduce the emission of Co2 but consume it from the environment. This could be huge after scientists announced that within 12 years the effects of global warming may become completely irreversible if action isn’t taken in key areas.

Whilst this announcement was ominous, it has lit a fire under key industries to make necessary changes and to put pressure on governments and organisations to siphon funding in to these areas. Things could be about to change for the better.

Bobtrade, Sustainable, Construction, Materials, Building, Supplies, Alternatives[Photo Credit: House Design Build]

"The threat to our environment has lit a fire under key industries to implement massive changes."

Dr Phil Renforth said: “We found the forecasted global potential of these materials to capture carbon dioxide may be three to seven times greater than previous estimates based on current production.”

Are you looking for sustainable solutions for your project? has you covered! From green insulation to environmentally friendly bricks, you’re bound to find a way to do your part in the battle against climate change.

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Bobtrade, Sustainable, Construction, Materials, Building, Supplies, Alternatives

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Alice-India Garwood

Alice-India Garwood

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