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Digital Disruption: Changing Industries

Alice-India Garwood
by Alice-India Garwood on September 3, 2018

Construction is lagging behind in the digital revolution and has never been more ready for tech disruption!

The influence of tech on the construction industry has the potential to save us thousands in terms of better planning and project management. If we close ourselves off from the digital revolution we could be left behind.

Digital industries can seem pretty overwhelming, even if you’re well versed in the language of digital. But, we have grown and adapted to it, in the same way we adapted to bronze and iron thousands of years ago.

Bobtrade Digital Marketplace Google Tech Innovation Construction[Photo Credit: Digi Day]

The best example of how quickly we adapt to technology is how we have “verbified” the names of tech giants such as Google.

The idea of verbification is pretty simple. If a verb is an action, then we have turned the product, in this case Google, in to ‘doing’ words based on their function.

How often have you said to someone:

“I don’t know, Google it.”

The dawn of Google was an exciting time for technology. There was a feeling of newness and opportunity.

Forbes describing the hype surrounding Google in 1998, said this: “So good is their search engine that despite being in beta for the past 12 months, the number of searches has grown from 10,000 searches a day to 4 million search requests every day. That's over 45 searches a second.

Compare that to 66,750 per second in 2018 and you get an idea of the impact Google has had on our lives. And we don’t even notice it!

Bobtrade Digital Marketplace Google Tech Innovation Construction

[Photo Credit: Church Mag]

Technology and digital are so seamlessly connected to all aspects of our lives, it's almost as if there was never a time where this wasn't the case.

Still not convinced?

We decided to talk to a few people about their experience of Google. So we asked them: Where were you when Google was a fresh new face on the tech scene? How much thought did you give it? And how do you feel about it today?

Speaking to a developer, he described how Google was just part of the curriculum. With internet speeds the way they were in the late 90s and early 00s, it was an impractical luxury reserved for school. Later on it became about communication and gaming.

Tessa, who worked in publishing around the time personal computers entered the workplace, her relationship with was limited to work and research, rather than for everyday life.

We talked also with David, a man who had been involved in computers since the late 1970s, project managing the digitisation of hospital records. He described how cool he thought Google was and described enthusiastically encouraging his children to use it.

David now teaches computing on a voluntary basis. His one consistent piece of advice to anyone who is apprehensive engaging with digital is:

“You can’t break the internet.”

Bobtrade Digital Marketplace Google Tech Innovation Construction[Photo Credit: Insight Telco]

"David's one consistent piece of advice to anyone who is apprehensive engaging with digital is: You can’t break the internet"

All three describe clunky beginnings in their relationship with Google. It had an image of being for serious research.

Even when technology seems out of reach of our understanding, we have always taken the time to engage with it and make it a part of our lives.

The same can be true of digitising construction processes. Whether it is project management software, stock management, or for design.

When we spoke to someone who has spent many years within the construction industry, he describes how synonymous Google is with computers for him and his work.

Google is barely 20 years old and is now at the heart of so much of what we do. There is no reason that the tech we engage with in the construction industry has to be any different. All it takes is a willingness to engage.

Afterall, you can’t break the internet.

Bobtrade Digital Marketplace Google Tech Innovation Construction[Photo Credit: Archi Expo]

This is a journey Bobtrade are excited to be part of. The idea that in years to come people won’t be buying their building supplies they’ll be Bobtrading their supplies. Can you imagine?!

"In the future people won’t be buying their building supplies, they’ll be Bobtrading their supplies."

Digitizing the buying and selling of construction materials via our online marketplace opens up new opportunities for both merchants and builders. Digital solutions can make your business more efficient saving valuable time.

As one of our clients so eloquently said "...using a digital marketplace changes our lives...we have time to see our families!". Another builder asked “why wouldn’t you use [Bobtrade]?”

The response has been hugely positive.

Check out the video below of some of our clients telling us exactly why Bobtrade is going to change the world!



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Alice-India Garwood

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